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If you are interested in doing Gold Teeth business, we have an excellent wholesale program for you. You just take orders and send the impression moulds to us. We will make the Gold Teeth and send them to you at wholesale prices. This is a great business for any individual who wants to make significant cash money with a tiny investment and a little effort.

Wanna be a baller? Shot caller? Then, click the Wholesale link above to purchase a turnkey selling package with all supplies and instructions along with catalogs and displays.

Fastest Turnaround Ever!!!

Same day service* : Come to our store in person before 3pm, you will get your grillz by 8pm the same day. (2647 Manana Dr, Dallas Tx 75220)

Next day service* : If you already have a mold, send it to us over night. We will send your grillz back the same day we receive it.

5 day turn around : If you don't have a mold, click "Yes" on "add mold kit" on the Order Summary pane, and we will send you a self molding kit. You take your own impressions and send it to us. We will make grillz from it and send your teeth to you. From click to clip, it will only take 5 days!

Same week service : All wholesale clients, if we receive the order by Tuesday, you will have the grillz back by Friday the same week.

*There will be a $20 express service fee added per mold.

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After you register, you will be given the option to purchase a reseller kit.  The reseller kit is a turnkey package that includes all supplies and instructions along with catalogs and displays.  The reseller kit costs $200 + $20 S&H.  After you have paid, you will get access to our online wholesale price list. 
If you have your own reseller kit, or if you are already doing gold grill business and are not satisfied with your current wholesale provider, you don't have to buy another kit. You can send us $120 for registration and shipping, and we will send you our catalog and wholesale price list.