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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gold Teeth?

Gold Teeth are removable gold caps that clip onto your teeth. They are called by several different names such as Gold Grills, Grill Fronts, Gold Caps, Grillz, Goldz, etc.  These removable Gold Teeth are considered to be jewelry, or "teeth rings". They are not dental appliances although they look just like dental gold crowns.

Can I eat and sleep with Gold Teeth on?

Although it is possible to eat and sleep with them, we do not recommend doing so. You should treat them as jewelry and care for them as such.

How do I order?

In order to make a set of Gold Teeth, you must take impressions of your teeth and send them to us. You can go to any local dentist's office to take the teeth impression, or you can purchase our Mould Kit if you want to do it yourself. The Kit contains all the materials along with easy to follow instructions. Click HERE to order a Mould Kit or to see a picture of the Mould Kit.

What types of metal are available for removable caps?

  Least expensive, easily tarnished
10k gold/white gold:   Inexpensive gold, durable, shines well, but will be tarnished by tobacco smoke
14k gold/white gold:   Durable, shines well, not easily tarnished.
18k gold/white gold:   Soft, good yellow gold color, will not be tarnished by tobacco smoke.
22k gold:   Very soft, very yellow color, never tarnish, but less shine.
Dental gold:   Durable, shines well, will not tarnish, but not good color representation
Platinum:   Most expensive, very strong, never tarnish, but will lose shine and hard to polish.  Although you would pay a premium for this grill, it would not be apparent if you were wearing platinum or white gold, or even silver because they all look similar in color.

What if I have some missing teeth?

No problem! We can still make them as if there were no missing teeth at all.

What is the turn around time for an order?

Just one day after we receive your impression mould, we will ship the finished Gold Teeth back to you. However, same day service is also available upon request with a moderate express service charge.

What is the maximum number of Gold Teeth I can order?

As many teeth as you have, including any missing ones.

Do I have to clean my gold teeth every day?

We strongly recommend cleaning them as often as you would brush your teeth so that they don't collect any bacteria. You can use your toothbrush to clean inside of the gold caps.

Can I make my own design?

Yes, you can draw your own design and email it to us. Click HERE for contact info.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept certified checks or money orders and all major credit cards. You can mail in the payment or use PayPal, which is the most convenient and secure way of making a payment.  Click HERE for our mailing address.

What is the return policy?

All removable Gold Teeth are custom made for each individual customer. For this reason, there will be no refund or exchange. However, we will remake them in case of not fitting properly. In that case, you just take another mould and send back to us along with your Gold Teeth because often times the mould that was taken first time was not properly done.